Overcoming the Unevenness of the Global Economy:

                                                 A Sustainable and Comprehensive

  Connectivity Agenda

November 25-26     Naples, Italy and online


The chances for a swift and uniform rebound from the COVID-19 crisis have dimmed, and the world economy now faces sharply divergent growth prospects.

During 2 days of sessions to be held in hybrid format we will draw on the views of a varied and high-level group of policymakers, experts, private sector leaders, development partners and other key stakeholders to explore the following questions:

What are the policy options to nurture the economic recovery using fiscal and monetary measures while keeping a close eye on safeguarding financial and price stability?

What is the long view for reinvigorating human capital, expanding access to digital connectivity, and investing in green infrastructure as a way to bolster growth?

What is the pathway for putting into action the EU’s principled approach to promoting a connectivity that is sustainable, comprehensive and rule-based?

How can global coordination be revived to help end the pandemic?